"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006


Anjum is respected for her high level of professional integrity, scholarly articulation and commitment to the cause of Education, Enrichment and Empowerment.

“East is east and west is west, but the twain meets here!” Blending the best of both worlds, Anjum is adept synergizing and synthesizing from across the globe as a lifelong learner. Anjum was born and raised in the U.S. Her parents were key influence on her and she gives them credit for her ethics, humility and moral commitment for all that she does. Placing premium on quality in whatever she does, seamlessly blending her enriching experiences, intellectual accomplishments and leadership towards delivering substance in whatever she sets out to do. She is a visionary who journeys towards an upward spiral of growth towards excellence.

When Anjum became a parent, she realized what all children were missing from the educational scenario, as far as experiential learning and holistic development were concerned. It was from this lacuna, that she grew a strong desire to contribute to the field of education in India.

Her passions include anything that has qualities of nurturing, rejuvenating, or is rooted in spiritual. She loves nature and all natural things from aromatherapy to zinc. Her hobbies include, reading, journaling, yoga, photography, ikebana, art & other creative pursuits. Anjum has successfully carved a niche for herself in multi-faceted areas of enrichment for herself which she loves to share with others including faculty and students.

This dynamic yet simple lady of substance has made Glendale Group of institutions, an abode of learning & enrichment. Anjum lives in Hyderabad with her husband, mother-in-law and has three children.

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Glendale EDUFUN Group of Preschools Early Learning Academy

GLENDALE CREATIVE ARTS ACADEMY a unique school where academics is integrated with arts Anjum has developed an innovative and a creative educational ecosystem across all her institutions that focus on “cherishing the experience called childhood” and create “learning places that are nurturing spaces.”

Glendale Academy International is the school that believes in ‘Learning Every day, Loving Every Minute’ and this motto is the result of her firm belief that learning is for life, not just school. Glendale ranked at the top as #2 in Hyderabad and #13 in India in the Education World Ranking 2016.

At the Glendale group of institutions, Anjum leads the teaching-learning community (TLC) with the vision to deliver both character and competence through pedagogy, curriculum development, capacity-building of teachers with professional development, procuring the best international resources, giving creative interior design inputs, and guiding of the academics/co-curricular /extra-curricular activities as well the administration. Multiple intelligence, brain-compatible learning and 7 Habits are among her many areas of expertise that she has cultivated at her institutions.

As a transformational instructional leader, she feels increasing leadership density is key to the optimal delivery of great education. Having attended Harvard’s Strategy in Action program, she steers a competent team to lead the schools towards achieving the lofty vision and mission for the complete development of children. The result of increased leadership density is that more individuals have a stake in the success of the institution while carrying the school’s institutional memory of shared values with a sense of belonging to cultivate both character and competence among students.



Anjum Babukhan, Managing Director - Education - EdVantage Teacher Leadership Institute believes the best way to make a difference in society is to empower the teachers who can then bring about a positive change among the future generation. Her focus for the last two decades has been on teacher training which paved the way to set up the teaching training institute in 2011. Anjum has designed modules that have trained thousands of teachers over the years that have become an expanding part of what she calls the Teacher's Toolbox. She equips teachers who are keen to learn more “tricks of the trade” to improve and effectively teach instruction to students.

EdVantage Teacher Leadership Institute also has collaboration with its U.S. partner Envision that has been successfully running the Global Teacher Development Program, which has won a National award for the year 2013 - e-India Award for Innovation in Global Collaborative Learning. GTD has mentors from across the globe are who are willing to coach and share their teaching-learning expertise. A number of batches have successfully received the Global Teacher Certification which is also recognized by the Board of Education in Illinois, USA.


Her Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) workshops on Parenting have been popular since 2002. The parenting workshops help to share the principles of how one could increase their effectiveness as a parent - to raise children who feel loved, who will have high self-esteem and who are at the same time responsible and cooperative.

She is an empowering Teacher Trainer and has to her credit many a teacher orientation workshops on Multiple Intelligence, Brain Compatible Learning and Early Childhood Education. Under her mentorship, she equips teachers with all the teaching tools required to enhance their skills and expertise in teaching. In 2014, she took the co-curricular activities to the next level by empowering the physical education staff to deliver physical literacy and visual performing arts department to deliver cultural literacy.

Anjum Babukhan’s expertise lies is in the application of multiple intelligence theory, which is holistic and more student-centered. She believes that, ‘the more ways we teach the more children we reach!' Other initiatives employed through her, draws more from developmental psychology from the works of Erik Erikson ages and stages of psychosocial development, Maslow, Piaget and Vygotsky. This body of research and theory guides the school to incorporate developmentally appropriate teaching practices. Moreover, even the administration utilizes organizational psychology and it is applied to staff’s professional development and effective execution of strategy in action.



Organizations of the future will thrive only with innovation and need individuals who are dynamic, can think out of the box, work with diversity and are lucid in their expression. Creativity and innovation is a 21st century skill that needs to be cultivated among today’s students. Not only does this contribute to all-around development and increases overall quotient of intelligence but also advance the emotional and social quotients. Glendale Creative Arts Academy was started in 2015 with the mission to ensure that every child receives education integrated with creative arts to nurture the 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Students at GCAA have access to a balanced, comprehensive, and sequential program of study both in academics and in creative arts. At GCAA, the child is provided the best opportunity in music, dance, theater and visual arts. Moreover, a variety enrichment classes are conducted to develop creative thinking. GCAA recruits globally and/or nationally recognized institutions and professional instructors to conduct the visual and performing art classes.

With the launch of GCAA, Anjum has raised the curtain on a platform where children will outshine others in academic excellence and artistic creativity integrated in their curriculum. This is an extension of Glendale’s objective to optimize development of the persona.


Anjum believes in ‘learning and leading’ and thus continues to equip herself with courses in a multitude of areas particularly, in education, creativity and leadership. Anjum loves to learn! Every number of months, she attends and participates in courses and national and international conferences in education.

Anjum has attended some of the best universities in the world, where she took part in the "The Three-day Learning Lab: Systemic Change for Student Success" and “Strategy in Action” at Harvard Graduate School of Education in Boston and Educator’s Conference at Cambridge University in UK.

Furthermore, she keeps acquiring feathers in her cap. In 2006, she completed her Early Childhood certification and completed a practicum at Meadow Glens Elementary School in Naperville through National Louis University during a semester sabbatical. Anjum has regularly participates in the XSEED Leadership Conference held in Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka as well as University of Iowa’s International School Leadership Summit (ISLS) which are some of the milestones covered in her learning journey.

Anjum is also a voracious reader and very passionate about her her spiritual book club of 15 years. Her favorite books include, The Power of Now, New Earth and Soul to Soul.

Recently, she has embarked on an ART JOURNEY as well! In the Fall of 2014, she has taken another semester sabbatical and completed courses in Methods of Arts Education, Design, Fine Arts and Methods of Physical Education. In order to learn the best practices of arts integration before launching GCAA, Anjum personally observed the following schools abroad: Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts in Los Angelos, Franklin Fine Arts Center (CPS) in Chicago, Oakland School for the Arts in San Francisco, Lionel Hampton Fine & Performing Arts School in Chicago, Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, and the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA).

“I love to learn from everyone and synthesize those experiences into my life and professional space.”    -    Anjum Babukhan



She gets inspired by a multitude of people, ideas, and experiences. Countless personalities have inspired Anjum. She has also had the pleasure of meeting world renowned personalities like Eric Jensen - Author Teaching with the Brain in Mind & Brain Compatible Strategies, late Stephen Covey – Author -Seven Habits of Highly Effective People & Dr. Howard Gardner -father of the Theory of Multiple Intelligence (MI), and even the Dalai Lama to name a few! With her ongoing research, expertise and leadership, she has represented India in various International leadership conferences around the world including the World Academy for Art and Science, MLT and WISE.

Anjum was a Panelist at the “School of Tomorrow” Conference. Ministry of HRD (Dept. of School Education & Literacy) Government of India, nominated her as a  Member of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti  for a period of three years in 2012. Anjum Babukhan was the panel members at “Teach to Transform Summit” held at ISB in 2015. She is also on the National Panel for Multiple Intelligence, New Delhi (Executive Council Member).


When Anjum moved to India in 1995, she found the typical classrooms over-crowded with an over-emphasis on students writing without proper understanding and a disengaging “chalk n’ talk” methodology. In a nutshell, coming from a strong psychology background, the education scenario was not brain-compatible by far in her opinion. This raised a silent alarm that there was tremendous room for improvement and the pedagogy needed an overhaul.

That’s how the idea ignited to create learning environments and procedures that were more brain-based. The collective set of pursuits projected by her has been shared at several prestigious national and international forums. Initially these ideas were shared with thousands of teachers and parents in her professional spheres as a presentation. Recently, this collection was significantly refined and consolidated into a book – ABCs of Brain Compatible Learning (BCL). Previously, her crystallized thought processes can be witnessed through her freelance write-ups on 'intelligence'and ‘parenting ' in Hyderabad Times and other prominent newspapers, journals and magazines.

Most of the brain-compatible techniques are already used at Glendale Academy, it remains to be seen how long before such medium of instruction takes the pivotal stance in ameliorating the teaching practices in schools across other parts of India. Her Youtube series correspond & highlight the chapters in video format of two-three minutes offering valuable with information nuggets of BCL. The book is more than just a ‘teaching guide’ for teachers and parents; it is about learning how we learn and being able to teach with the brain in mind.


Anjum is the former Education Chairperson of Young Indians (Yi), Hyderabad Chapter of CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) and was responsible in setting up the Young Indians (Yi) Club Akshara in Hyderabad. On behalf of the CII -Young Indians (Yi) - Hyderabad Chapter, she facilitated the Yi Forum for Educators of Hyderabad, which was held at the prestigious ISB (Indian School of Business). She is also the former Chairperson of the young women’s wing of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries) (YFLO) and has served on the executive board for a number of years.

Anjum also received the Primary Plus Outstanding Award - Multiple Intelligence (2006). Under her able guidance Glendale Academy was declared the No.2 Co-Ed School in Telangana and Hyderabad and No.13 in India as per the Education World Ranking 2016. She was also selected to attend the Goldman-Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneur Program at the Indian School of Business in 2016.



Anjum has to her educational credits, an Honors B.Sc. in Psychology from Loyola University of Chicago where she worked under various research teams and moved on to pursue her M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Instructional Leadership from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Anjum was born and brought up in Chicago with a conservative upbringing by her US immigrant Indian parents. While she was shy child during her early years, she blossomed later in high school. Anjum not only had the opportunity to participate actively in extra-curricular activities, but had also become a high honor roll student and a great achiever in many fields including fashion design, art and health. She even earned the tag of Junior Miss in Chicagoland’s Scholastic Pageant besides earning 11 scholarships upon her high school graduation. In college, Anjum loved embracing her ethnic heritage in multicultural programs and continued to excel as the president of the Honor Society representing her college in many national collegiate conferences and conventions.

Moreover, she was selected as the “All-American Academic Nominee” from her college. At university, Anjum’s positive and vibrant attitude had its roots in her honor's thesis ‘Savoring the Positive’ that won her the Psychology Award. This enhanced her determination in proactive, humanistic initiatives. This success was not new to Anjum as she had already been selected in the ‘Who's Who Among American Junior Colleges’. Hyderabad Foundation of Chicago presented an “Academic & Leadership Excellence” award to Anjum in 1990 and 1992. Prior to that, she won the Outstanding Academic Achievement Awards in the Presidential Academic Fitness Awards Program signed by President Reagan in 1987 and President Bush in 1990.

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Glendale Academy has made its mark in delivering curriculum with the best methodical practices in education under the able guidance and mentoring of our Director-Education, Anjum Babukhan who keeps updating our pedagogy with courses she takes as a lifelong learner in fine institutions around the world, including Harvard and Cambridge. Just returning with a new breadth of knowledge, she has just completed four courses in the US to take our co-curricular activities to the next level. Anjum has taken Methods of Arts Education, Design, Fine Arts and Methods of Physical Education.