"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006

“Early childhood education is a program, which provides a stimulating play environment for the Physical, Intellectual, Language, Social and Emotional development of the child. It prepares children for the primary and it focuses on the holistic development of the child. It lays the foundation for the development of reading, writing and number work. It is a program which encourages interaction with the environment, active participation in-group activities and enhances creativity and problem solving in children. Early childhood education is a program which indirectly promotes self control and thereby inner discipline in children.”

The colorfully – designed room aims at an overall development of child with fun filled learning centers where the little ones have time to explore different material and play interactively while learning. The hands – on learning material are internationally sourced and provide a high level of enrichment in the early childhood learning experience. There are various activities for the children conducted for the children for development of their fine motor and gross motor skills along with their overall development.

Children at Glendale attend music classes thrice a week which helps them improve their listening skills and results in language development. When they listen to the music their brain stimulates neural pathways associated with higher forms of intelligence like abstract thinking or mathematics. It also develops memory and acts as a brain exercise. For the physical development regular Yoga classes are conducted for the children so they can connect more deeply with their inner self along with exercise. The water play classes in the water area helps add resistance and work as strength training. Children are taken to the water play area 3 times a week were they are allowed to play freely and in return they develop their muscle strength by moving arms and legs in water. This also helps improve coordination. The routine dance classes take care of the cross lateral movement of the child and these activities enable both sides of the brain which prepares a child’s mind for learning throughout the school years.

At Glendale we also have a kid’s gym to improve the motor skills, eye hand coordination, balancing, flexibility and agility apart from the sports conducted. We follow the Montessori Method at Glendale which promotes child’s individuality and recognizing that different students learn at different paces and in different way.


  • Music Center
  • Dramatic Center
  • Cooking & Nutrition Center
  • Math & Manipulative Center
  • Library Centerh
  • Art and Craft Centre
  • Block Centre
  • Water Play Area