"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006

Glendale Academy provides a plethora of extracurricular activities. Physical education, Music and Craft are part of the core curriculum for all classes. In addition to this, Glendale offers a number of programmes as listed below:

Hobbies : Glendale gives an opportunity to every student to explore their talents. Every week the students have two continuous hobby periods and they are allowed to choose the hobby they wish to pursue. There is a wide array of activities from which they can choose both Indoor (Arts, Crafts, Drama, Dance, Music, Karate and Yoga) and Outdoor (Cricket, Tennis, Football, Skating and Athletics).

  • Zooming on the Skating Rink
  • Fitness & Agility: Practicing Karate
  • Aiming for the Goal

Clubs : Following the philosophy of Multiple Intelligence, Glendale started the concept of a ‘Club Period’ which takes place once every week. Students have the freedom to choose the club they are interested in and hone their skills in a particular domain. There are nine clubs in total: Debate, Visual Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Literary, Eco, Quiz, Home Science and ICT.

  • Unleashing the artist within – The Visual Arts Club
  • Bonding with Nature: The Eco Club

Inter-House competitions : In order to promote the feeling of team spirit and leadership, Glendale hosts a variety of Inter-House school competitions which provide a platform to the students to display their talents.

Inter-School competitions : Children realize their true potential when they step out of the comfort zone of their campus and compete with students from various other institutions. In order to increase the confidence levels of the students and sharpen their skills, Glendale gives plenty of opportunities to its students to participate in various inter-school events ranging from Model United Nations (MUNs) to Business Plan competitions. Glendale also hosts the Literary Fest, Glendale Trophy, Open Challenge Athletic Meet and Aquatic Meet which are huge inter-school events.

After School Programmes : The sprawling campus offers various facilities to the students, one of them being the ‘Extra Coaching Facility’. Students who excel in a particular sport are given special coaching and selected to represent the school in various Inter-school and regional/national meets.

Glendale also keeps introducing various programmes like ‘Horse Riding’ classes which take place after the school hours. These classes provide an extra leverage to the students by exposing them to various activities and enhancing their skill sets.

Community Service : Glendale believes in robust character development and hence, continuously encourages its students to serve the community. Our students have successfully participated in a number of community service programmes ranging from environment protection to imparting education to underprivileged students.

Cultural Events : Apart from the routine activities conducted in the school, the school hosts a variety of cultural events where every student is given a chance to perform to his/her capabilities. Razzmataz, Kinderwonder, Founder’s Day celebrations, Decennial Celebrations, Urdu Day, Telugu Day, Umang- Hindi Diwas are a few cultural events that take place every year.

Learning Through Activities

Good learning experiences are ones that are actively engaging, relevant, challenging and enable children to use many of their senses. We at Glendale encourage children’s learning by providing a range of interesting activities to do and interact with them to help them make sense of these experiences.

We set the stage for learning by providing an environment and materials that encourage children to actively explore, play, experiment and try out their own abilities. The concept of preparing the environment is very important because young children learn best through their own self-initiated activities.

Travel Brochure of the Body Systems

Your team of 4 or 5 at the Duodenum Dynamics Ad Agency has been hired as a travel consultant to design a luxury tour through the Human Body Systems Before you can collect your fee from the Anatomy Travel Bureau, you must produce a brochure. The owner of the travel bureau,Ms. Renuka, has informed you that in order to win the contract you must highlight the trendy spots, the exciting activities, and the imports and exports of the areas.

For insurance considerations, you must also mention any possible dangers or special precautions that tourists might encounter in visiting these systems. Your world body tour should include visits to any of the following systems:

(1) Digestive, (2) Respiratory, (3) Circulatory, (4) Excretory, and (5) Nervous.

The Digestive System
Objectives :

Describe the structure of the villi and explain how its function is related to its structure.