"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006

Glendale Academy International is the first school in Hyderabad to have applied to Indian Green Building Council, CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) for Green Building Certification and will shortly be recognized as the only Hyderabad. Glendale Academy International is the first school in the twin cities to have applied for accreditation with Quality Council of India (QCI).

In 2011, YFLO launched an initiative towards respecting nature and living in harmony with it. The theme was "Glendale goes Green - Hara Bhara Jahan". Tree planting was also included in the day’s program. Prizes were awarded and parents participated with enthusiasm to rein to their imagination, either solo or in collaboration with their child.

  • Animal Protection

  • Awareness on Pollution due to vehicles

  • Badri' - white Tiger at Zoo adopted by Glendalites

  • Eco Friendly Building

  • Environmental Drives attended

  • Garbage to Garden its compost time

  • Planting Saplings

  • Segregation of waste

  • Water Conservation

  • WOW wealth out of waste

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Tips on ‘slow the flow’ of energy

Tips on 'slow the flow' of water

Tips on 'slow the flow' of paper

Tips on 'curb the car'

Tips on 'Reduce- Reuse-Recycle'

Tips on 'Grow the green'

Tips on 'Preserving Biodiversity'