"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006

Guest Lectures 2016-17

April 13/04/16 Change Maker - C.Kartheeban founder of Team Everest Social Responsibility
  16/04/16 J P Pretti Waterloo University  
    Phanidra Dasika - VP Microsoft Maths
  16/04/16 Dr. Sharmila Nagraj - Phd Fashion Woxsen School of Arts & Design Entrepreneurship
  16/04/16 Safal Fashion Studies
  21/04/16 Michel Sohel NEET Preparation Workshop
  23/04/16   Creativity Workshop
June Holidays - -
July 13/07/16 16/07/16 Mr.Shibhanjay 2nd year student of Chennai NIFT Fashion Studies
  6/7/16 Sheikh Tawheed Rehman Assistant Professor at AISFM Mass Media
  30/07/16 Dr. Sankaran Raghunathan. (Edupulse)Broward College. Career Guidance
August - - -
September 2/9/16 Cassy Teft De Munoz (Michigan Technological University)Assistant Director - Education of International Admissions Career Guidance
  9/9/16 Trisha Ray (University of Buckingham)International development officer of University of Bickingham
University of Canada ( Mr.Kiran )
Career Guidance
  *20/9 /16 Cameron Simon
Assistant Director - Education, Undergraduate Admission
Loyola University Chicago
Career Guidance
  *23/9/16   Career Guidance
    *Due to exams will meet the Heads and Counselor and the latter will take up a session in Term 2  

Field Trips

Understanding Journalism

Humanities students of Mass Media visited the Times of India office. They learnt how a newspaper works and got familiar with the profession of Journalism.

Insight into Plant Research

Science students visited the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), a frontier plant research laboratory. They were taken to learn about the processing of oil from plants through Cevenge's apparatus'.

Product Awareness

Students received a splendid opportunity of visiting Karkhana Zinda Tilismath. They learnt how different raw materials are combined together to get the final product. Students also visited farooky tooth powder unit.

Guest Lecturers & Career Guidance Sessions

Interaction on Social Entrepreneurship

Hema S Subramanyam, founder of Color D Earth, visited the academy to have an interactive session with the commerce and humanities students. She enlightened the students on the process, the challenges and the ways to overcome if someone wants to be a social entrepreneur.

Creative Journaling

Aarthi Selvan, is a Clinical Psychologist, who visited the campus and conducted a workshop with students on de-stressing through the medium of colors an imagination.

Faculty Visit of Loyola University, Chicago

Mr. Simon Cameron from Loyola University, Chicago visited the campus and guided the students on different admission procedures in the United States.

Visit to Karkhana Zinda Tilismath

Date : 15th Apr, 2015

Venue : Karkhana Zinda Talismath

A Report :Glendale’s Plus Two students received a splendid opportunity of visiting Karkhana Zinda Talismath. Students were excited to witness the actual manufacturing processes that take place in secondary sectors of developing economies. It was an enriching experience for both students and faculty members, where they learned as to how different raw materials are combined

together to get the final output. Students also witnessed other aspects of production i.e.. Specialization and division of labour, flow production, packaging, Locational factors, The USP of their business, pricing and promotional strategy, diversification of business and their future plans. .

Students also visited farooky tooth powder unit, where they were exposed to all the ingredients which go into the making of this tooth powder. It was a very learning and enriching experience for the plus two commerce students.


Date : 15th Nov, 2014

Organized by : Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies (Delhi University)

Venue Chest Auditorium (Delhi University)

A Report :Team Glendale attended the Mains and Final rounds of Prodigy 13 conducted by Shaheed Sukhdev Singh College of Business Studies (Delhi University). Four senior secondary students: Hriday Lamba, Zainab Noor, Rishi Raj Tayal and Vineet Reddy were the participants from Glendale Academy. Ms.Ruchika Jain, Chair Activities and HOD - Commerce, accompanied the students on this trip. Out of 1100 schools across India only 50 schools including Glendale Academy were qualified for preliminary round and were qualified for the Finals too.

The details of the various qualified rounds were as follows:

Prodigy Mains:

Round 1:
  • Acumen-The Brainstorming Quiz
  • Bulls Eye-The Stock Simulation Game
Round 2:
  • Acumen-The Brainstorming Quiz
  • Bulls Eye-The Stock Simulation Game

Achievements: Glendale team won the first prize in online case study competition among 1100 schools for what they have been awarded separate certificate apart from certificate of participation.

Guest Lecture on ‘Liberal Arts Education’

Date : 31st Oct, 2014

Guest Speaker : Mr. Sasidhar Sista, Ashoka University

Attendees Students of grades XI & XII

Brieft Description :Mr. Sista talked to students about why Indian higher education is currently inefficient- causing most to join the Engineering stream, regardless of real inclination- and why it does not give students enough room to explore different disciplines and innovate. He argues that students may have many interests, which are neglected when colleges require them to

specialize in one subject from the beginning. Mr. Sista stresses that the quality of Indian higher education must be improved by employing inspiring, dedicated faculty. In his lecture he introduced to the concept of liberal arts education- a holistic approach to learning that emphasizes on producing socially sensitive students who are job-ready and adaptable. He also told the students more about Ashoka University, the institution he is involved with, and the advantages of enrolling there.

Learning Outcome : Students learnt about the options they have for their higher education, and the necessity of intellectual curiosity in exploring new areas of research. They were also informed of the merits of a liberal arts education.

Field trip to Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Date : 11th Oct, 2014

Venue : TIFR campus, Shankerpally Road

Grades XI and XII students of Science

Students of Grade 11 and 12 were taken on a field trip to TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMANTAL RESEARCH. It was a very enriching and informative trip.

Brief Description : The Director - Education of the Institute, Professor Sriram R., gave a quick overview of the fascinating topics being explored at TIFR. Professor Rama Govindarajan gave a talk on fluid mechanics and instabilities. Finally Dr. Anand M. explained about the research and use of high intensity pulse lasers to produce plasma which could be used for nuclear fusion in the future.

In the Chemistry laboratory, Professor Anukul Jana, showed hi-tech fume hood used to produce inert conditions during experiments or used to carry out potentially dangerous experiments. Students got firsthand experience of the process involved in carrying out Infrared spectroscopy and how it helped in detecting functional groups in unknown compounds. Students were made to do some fascinating and mesmerizing experiments with substances which showed unusual properties

Learning Outcomes:
  • Students witnessed and performed experiments which made them realize the importance and application of science learnt in the class room.
  • They got hands on experience of using hi- tech equipment to unravel scientific mysteries.
  • They were engaged in activities and experiments which made them think and apply the knowledge of science learnt by them to explain the phenomena observed.
  • They got basic idea of the variety of research being carried out in the field of Physics and Chemistry

Designing Hunt’ 2014

Date : 1st Sep, 2014

Venue : Raffles Millennium International Institute.

Students of Grade 12 students were taken on a field trip to RMII to participate in a Packaging Design Contest, to bring out the creative side of the students. To learn how to produce a new and unusual product with limited resources and within a restricted time frame. To test one's thinking, planning and implementing creative skills.

Learning Outcomes : The contest was challenging and every student was as creative as the other. The kinds of products that students came up with were extraordinary. The products were well planned and implemented and were economical and practical. But like in every contest, only one team wins. This prize was bagged by the fellow contenders of Hyderabad Public School.

The Competition was, however, a very enriching experience and a great platform to look at things from different perspectives. It was an amazing opportunity to meet other design students and appreciate their creativity and imagination. It helped expanding the horizons of design and learning the technicalities behind it.

Report on Guest Lecture on "Different Roles in IT Industry" by Mrs. Jigna Shah

Every day different careers, different opportunities are emerging. Students should know all those career options before entering into the new world. Our intention is to help students to plan their career which integrates their strength, values and hobbies.

Today, the IT industry is large & continuously growing. Every industry whether it is banking, retail, media, pharmaceutical, automobile, manufacturing, hospitality etc all depends on IT. Students of any stream can join IT. To know more about technical as well as non-technical roles and their profiles, we had arranged guest lecture.

On Dec 2nd, 2013, Mrs. Jigna Shah, who has 15+ years experience in IT, was at the campus to address our Plus two students. . She has worked as a programmer in various industries like tax, insurance and games. She was Sr. Program Manager in Microsoft for last 5 years.

The outcomes of the workshop are the students got to know different people and their job profile needed to run an IT industry like User, Product Owner, Program Manager, Architect, Development Engineer, Test Engineer, Infrastructure Engineer, Graphics Designer, Technical Writer, Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, people from Marketing And Sales, Legal Counsel, Talent Acquisition, Human Resource etc.

CEO of the World’s 3rd largest independent software testing service company

With an objective of visiting an IT company to get insight regarding the internal working environment of a company, how a company functions and to learn more about software testing and Entrepreneurship our senior graders visited Ciginiti Technologies on Dec, 04th, 2013.

Students interacted with Mr. Manohar Reddy, CEO and Mr. Sriram Rajaram, President, Strategy and Corporate Development of Cigniti.

They got very useful information of Entrepreneurship like how to establish an IT firm, what are the resources needed, what are risks and rewards associated with IT business. They got information about software testing methodologies, different phases in software testing, why testing is necessary at every stage of development of software, how testing makes software more reliable, resilient and predictable.

Students learned to say NO to bad software for better world, better life and better future. They also constructed toy robots and tested in Cigniti’s robotic lab. They also tested games on mobiles and ipads. They visited performance testing and mobile application testing labs, security enabled server room and learned its functionality. Students learned about IT organization structure and visited different departments.

Education Abroad - Career Counselling Workshop

Career becomes an important focus for students of the Senior Secondary School. Standing at the cross roads in their life, choosing a career becomes a daunting prospects. At this Stage in their life, the Glendale Academy organized a Career Counselling Workshop for the students of XI & XII. The speaker was Safal Ali who is an alumnus of Glendale studying at Harvard University, USA. He spoke on the topic ‘Education Abroad’. One major concern of students is the expenses involved in studying abroad but as events unfolded, they realised that their dream of studying abroad can easily come true. Earning a scholarship would reduce the expenditure.

Studying in a prestigious university guarantees campus placements with a minimum 6 figure salary. After this session students have really broadened their horizon. Safal was successful in clarifying doubts and counselled students about seeking admission abroad.

Mr. Wayne Fillip Matthews, a STEM ambassador, visited our school on 10 July, 2013.

He interacted with the students of Grades IX-XII and introduced them to STEM and spoke about his role as a STEM ambassador. He interacted with students on Exploring alternative sources of energy and enlightened students on alternate energy being used in other countries to power schools and residences. He answered questions clarifying doubts regarding different sources of energy and their pros and cons. Mr. Wayne also guided the students on how to ensure that in future alternative sources of energy become the predominant sources of energy across borders.

Dr. S.M. Ahmed, Principal Scientific Officer heading the Central Instruments laboratory

Dr. S.M Ahmed is the Principal Scientific Officer heading the Central Instruments laboratory since 2009 at the University of Hyderabad. He joined ISRO’s most ambitious Chandrayaan project in 2005 and developed a mass spectrometer which worked successfully in the Moon Impact Probe mission in the year 2008.

Dr. Ahmed spoke on the topic “Structure of atom” collecting past events that led to the formation of the latest explanation. The highlight of his lecture was the logical explanation and the scientific deduction that gave the postulates of the Atomic theory. Students were highly impressed with his session and also interacted with Dr. Ahmed on the Moon and Mars mission.

Financial Literacy by Mr. Divijender Nimma

In order to implement Financial Literacy in the school, and expert on the topic, Mr. Divijender Nimma was invited to speak to the Commerce students and introduce them to the world of Finance. He spoke on a multitude of topics ranging from Basics of Economics and Investment to Stock Market Trading. Students avidly interacted with him. He was able to inspire many a young entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive Organized by IIT, Kharagpur

A team from the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT, Kharagpur organized the Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive at JNTU Campus on 9th October.

The speakers for the day were Mr. Amit Prasad, Founder and CEO, SatNav Technologies, Chain of Sun Shine Preschools and Mr. Satya Kalyan Yerramsetty, Founder & CEO, SMS Country Networks. They shared their experiences of their journey towards becoming well known entrepreneurs.

These sessions focused on how to start an enterprise, how to arrange for different resources and what could be the possible hurdles that entrepreneurs face.

A special one hour workshop was also conducted by ALEAP (Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh for the budding Women entrepreneurs.

Career Counseling Workshop

Glendale Academy in Collaboration with 2nd Battalion of Rajputana Rifles (The Indian Army) organized a Career Counseling Workshop for the students of grade XI and XII. The students were addressed by a young team comprising of Maj. Rohit Patil and Maj. Sangeeta Kumari where they were informed about the various career opportunitiesas per their respective streams of specializations. The students were shown videos telling them as what Indian Army stands for.