"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006

Academic Team

Ms. Shoma Goswami

Principal : Glendale Academy International and Edufun Preschool and Day Care

Qualification : M.Sc., Pune University, B.Ed, Lucknow University

Experience : 26 years

Ms. Shoma Goswami is a dynamic lady with a deep desire to innovate & excel. She has a deep interest in poetry, music, drama and dance. Excellent administrative and communication skills are her forte. Her ebullient personality lends a special flavour to the school.

She has maintained a leadership role in curriculum development in the execution of academic programme. She is proficient in training children and teachers in school activities like drama, dance, poetry recitation, debate and elocution.

A major aspect of her persona is to oversee the emotional, social, educational and physical well-being of the students. She interacts with children and works closely with the parents to support the children and to ensure the highest possible education standards while still allowing the children to have time to enjoy school.

An all rounder herself, she realises the importance of holistic development and encourages children to focus on an area that they are interested in.

She fosters purposeful interactions with teachers and shows them in every way possible that they are cared for and motivate them to make a difference in the lives of their students.

She has to her credit many a Teacher Professional Development workshops on almost every educational topic. She has attended idiscoveri Instructional Leaders Workshop and has been instrumental in implementing the XSEED program at the primary level. She ensures that a positive climate and culture of values exist in the school campus, leading to synergy, high productivity and excellent students.

“From the Principal’s Desk”

Glendale Academy International was started in the year 2003 by the founder chairman Mr. Basheeruddin Babukhan, under the leadership of Ms. Anjum Babukhan, a very dedicated and passionate educationist.

The school has taken several steps to create a positive learning environment for children and a curriculum that addresses the whole child. There is a positive and genuine focus on investing in the development of teachers, encouraging them to innovate and use progressive techniques in the classroom. We have an extensive teacher orientation and training program at the beginning of the year, followed by regular workshops conducted in-house by our Director and also by professionals like Ms. Magaret Warner USA, Mr. Michael Brearly UK to name a few so the Glendale faculty being up to date with the happening in the field of education across the globe.

The Glendale philosophy is based on Howard Gardner’s theory of “Multiple Intelligence”, says, - we work on the paradigm of ’Brain Compatible Learning”, following “Bloom’s taxonomy”. However underlying all these technicalities is the Glendale Ethos - “Learning everyday Loving every minute”, which holds true for the entire Glendale family - staff and students. The Glendale campus vibrates with the positive values shared by one and all. Value Education, Life Skills, The Learning Resource Center, to name a few are those special areas which uphold the ‘Campus Culture’ at Glendale. R.R.C - Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation that every Glendalite follows.

The culture of continuous academic research and development is a reflection of the desire of Glendale’s Academic Team to excel. At present, a competent and experienced faculty of over 200 members forms the core strength of Glendale and their demography reveals a cosmopolitan mix. Many of our teachers have had international exposure and work experience.

The teaching faculty at Glendale is an unmatched pool of mentors who have an outstanding combination of proven record, experience and qualifications. The multi-directional efforts by all members of the faculty create an environment for the holistic development of students through intellectual stimulation and result-oriented education.

A novice at Glendale is given intensive as well as extensive training in the teaching methodology and in the effective use of the plethora of teaching aids and resources at his/her disposal. In addition The Teacher Training Orientation workshops called “Teacher Toolbox” This training is spear headed by the Director Education herself who is a luminary in the field of education for the past fifteen years. Her international exposure and expertise provide first hand insight into the most innovative systems in education today.

The teaching approach adopted at Glendale takes its inputs from the belief that the role of a teacher is not simply to bestow knowledge, but to help the students to become lifelong learners. A perfect blend of subject knowledge, experience and the art of teaching the most complex topic in a very lucid way makes the faculty, the best team in town.

To nurture is to nourish

The initial seven years of a child being the crucial formative years, when maximum learning takes place, our ECE teachers facilitate learning, in a developmentally appropriate environment, using diverse tools and materials, to explore, observe, play, and interact. In the Primary classes (grades 3- 5), children are taught to process the information gained in their early childhood and apply it to their formal learning. Teachers aim to draw out the learning and build upon it while continuing to provide experiences that reinforce this. At this stage, the staff seeks to identify the aptitudes of the children. When children move into middle school, academic rigor accelerates, bearing in mind that the children of today need to prepare themselves for a world where knowledge is multiplying by leaps and bounds. Our school teachers use creativity, humor and imagination to develop schemes of work and plan lessons to foster a healthy culture of learning within the classroom and to generate the most effective interaction with students.

Further, to groom and refine the teaching skills of teachers; Glendale has evolved a Professional Development Program under which continuous enrichment and value addition is provided to keep the faculty members abreast with the most effective and innovative trends of teaching. The teachers have one period planned in a week for Professional development and share their learning with others during the regular tea time talks. The strength of Glendale's vision and the school's commitment to professionalism has helped attract just the right teachers to fit in its unique teaching programs. During the year, trainings are also conducted by external resource persons to help our teachers learn cutting edge techniques of teaching.