"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006

Thank you for welcoming us to your impressive school with its thriving students and engaged faculty. I was impressed and touched by the deft use of multiple intelligence and teaching for understanding approach.
- Dr. Howard Gardner
– Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education – Harvard Graduate School of Education - USA. (Father of Multiple Intelligence)

I am very happy to learn that Glendale has completed 15 years with remarkable achievements and accolades. I greatly appreciated the way Ms. Anjum Babukhan has built this Academy to reach to such heights. I am glad that students have done extremely well academically in both CBSE and IGCSE. Wishing you the best in all the endeavours and may the institution grow to greater heights.
- Dr. G.V.Krishna Reddy
– Founder Chairman & Managing Director, GVK

My heartiest felicitations to Glendale on its 15th anniversary and for being a very deserving recipient of so many accolades and honours. I am delighted to extend my best wishes to Ms. Anjum Babukhan and the entire team for their continued success. The institution stands tall in our country, as Glendale Academy has continuously created new paradigms in education by guiding its young students to explore their manifold dimensions and realise their fullest potential. It is youth that creates our collective future and it’s paramount that they are moulded to shape a tomorrow that is inclusive, equitable and happier for all.
- Ms. Sangita Reddy
– Jt. Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals Group

Education in the 21st century demands a different paradigm if we are to succeed in resolving the multiple crises confronting us at the local, regional, national and global levels. A system that moves away from providing candidates for voluntary slavery to a broken system, to one that maximizes human potential in multiple dimensions. Glendale Academy has adopted just such a mission and strategies and the results speak for themselves. I have been associated with Glendale Academy from its inception and my involvement with it continues to this day. Participating in its evolution over the years to becoming a recognized institution of learning for children has been an exciting and inspiring experience.
- Mr. Sheshadri Velamoor
– Former Director Future Foundation, Washington USA

I am extremely happy to know that the Glendale Academy has completed 15 years of existence and a pictorial magazine of its achievements is being compiled on this occasion. I have been closely following the academic schedule of the school since its inception. Over the years, the school has transformed itself into a high-class education centre, a vibrant and happy campus, turning out successful students year after year. The curriculum of the school is all-encompassing and is designed for holistic education, which is the need of the hour today. I am extremely happy to place on record my hearty congratulations to Ms.Anjum Babukhan, the Director-Education, Principals, all the staff members of Glendale, and the past and present students, for this noteworthy achievement of completing 15 glorious years. It has been an edifice of knowledge for many years, standing tall in the modern city of Hyderabad and taking pride in the galaxy of students who have walked through its portals. All my best wishes for it to continue this sacred journey towards attainment of Excellence through Education.
- Dr. Vibha Asthana
– Principal, Ghulam Ahmed College

I would like to acknowledge Glendale Academy’s reputation for quality and I am sure that it will contin ue to remain at the cutting edge of pedagogical innovation with its educational curriculum that covers the wholesome development of the children entrusted to its care. We feel proud and privileged on the far thinking of Mr. Babukhan who developed this institution and provided good education to children of Hyderabad. Good education is the best thing which can be given gifted to the society and this was and is being done whole heartedly.
- Mr. Sudhir Sanghi
– Managing Director, Sanghi Group of Companies

Glendale academy is defining benchmarks for K12 education. When you walk through the gates, you can feel the energy ,vibrancy and passion of Glendale . Every aspect of development for a young mind is all around the campus and in the classes . Glendale is preparing children with the requisite skill sets and character needed to create thier future . I love the logo as it encapsulates precisely the belief and vision of Glendale!
- Ms. Farzana Haque
– Global Head, Europe Telecom Business Unit TCS

Education today has two faces. One Strives for the best, constantly innovating and initiating new methodologies for forward leap as it is were. On the other hand there are also institutions which are commercial. My association with the Glendale Academy dates back to the good times I had with Sri Basiruddin Babukhan. In fact, he is an old student of our school in Bangalore. I have been keenly following and observing the steady, excellent and giant strides that the Glendale Academy has been making over the years under the visionary leadership of Ms. Anjum Babukhan. Human beings are distinctively different from others species on earth because of their thinking capacity. As Des Cartes would say, “I think, therefore, I exist”, any institution which gleefully adopts a pedagogy for critical thinking and creativity, only will “float” in this competitive world of education. My sincere appreciations and congratulations to Ms. Anjum Babukhan for keeping the flag of Glendale Academy high, not only here in India, but also globally at Harvard. The institution is not merely floating but it is flying high. May God the Almighty bless all your efforts at the successful completion of 15 years and guide and guard it from all harm and may his countenance shine on this modern and forward thinking institution.
- Fr. Francis Xavier
– Principal, Director & Secretary at Andhra Loyola Institute of Engineering and Technology

Sitting in UNESCO, Paris, on a follow-up to the Global Education Meeting held in Brussels at the beginning of December, to review the major challenges facing educational development, I mentioned to the participants a breath-taking performance through acting, songs and dances, organized by students at Glendale Academy in Hyderabad, India and of their interpretation of all the UN Sustainable Development Goals, notably Goal 4 on Quality Education. This performance, spanning over some two hours, on the spacious eco-friendly grounds at Glendale Academy, encapsulated in spirit and body, the true messages of the SDG’s better than any written report or publication could have done. This is perhaps the real success of the pedagogical process. I will take this opportunity on the eve of the New Year, in my capacity as a parent and an educator tracking educational innovations for almost half a century both in India and abroad, to encourage Glendale staff and management to push full steam ahead in their effort to sustain this innovative educational institution to train its students to assume their responsibilities and roles as future national leaders, managers, and Global Citizens. The management, particularly Mr. Salman BabuKhan’s dedication and commitment to innovation, together with his wife Mrs. Anjum BabuKhan’s pedagogical research, should be commended. Anjum BabuKhan’s pioneering work and implementation of the research on new paths to learning through Brain Compatible Learning methods will not only ensure that the children at Glendale are prepared to meet with full confidence, the challenges awaiting them in their future lives but that her educational institution will become a model for others to emulate and thereby raise the quality of education to which we all aspire..
- Dr. Asgar Husain
– Former Director-Education, UNESCO