"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006

Statutory Guidelines for Child Safety

Glendale Academy International has always had a child-centric learning environment and all its policies ranging from infrastructure to security are child friendly. In order to reinforce the policy on child safety, the following Statutory Guidelines have been etched out:

  • School campus is divided into specific areas and responsible school leaders are designated to be responsible for safety and security.
  • Parents may visit school on notified days in the week. Exceptions may be made where there is a specific need or urgency. The prescribed timings for school visits are 1st and 3rd Saturday between 9 am and 1 pm.
  • All movement by students of primary upto grade 5 within the campus are controlled, e.g., students moving from one class to another, or catching the bus after school. A faculty member to supervise their movement

  • A child is not allowed to leave the campus without the permission slip being signed by the class teacher and one of the Heads. A letter/ a note in the diary/ a mail is required from parents that they are leaving early.
  • Access of private car drivers is being strictly controlled.
  • Security checks the identification card of the driver before permitting a student to leave the campus.
  • The school boundary is intruder proof.

  • Glendale Academy International is responsible for the safety of its staff and students on the school campus, during outdoor or field trips, while travelling by school bus to and from school, and school tours.
  • The "no-touch" policy is being strictly implemented. We have only female attendants in buses.
  • All buses have GPS so that transport can be centrally monitored and the details of deviances are brought to the notice of the Principal and Transport In-charge immediately by teachers/parents.
  • The bus attender/a teacher ensures that the last child is dropped before he or she disembarks the bus. No child is left unattended inside a bus.

A major area where security is of utmost importance is in the school bus.
  • An attendance register is kept in the bus and the teacher takes the attendance every morning and evening with the help of the bus attender and the children travelling in that route
  • No child is allowed to travel in a different bus other than his/her own designated route, unless he/she has special permission to do so. We discourage any kind of change of routes as it tends to create unnecessary confusions.
  • The afternoon bus routes are accompanied by teachers with the pre- primary children to ensure their safety. This has been introduced this year.
  • In case of any emergency in the bus, the teachers contact the School Manager and immediate help is arranged by him from school.
  • The bus driver and attenders undergo regular training in house (in school) regarding their conduct and rules to be followed on the bus and also from outside agencies like TATA MOTORS & EICHER etc who have the expertise in this field.
  • A workshop was conducted by the Police Dept at Shamshabad, which was attended by our staff. The Traffic Police Dept is arranging a workshop for the drivers and attenders and our transport staff has attended it.

The Security Incharge is Mr Rajkumar reporting to the School Administrator Mr. Sanjeev .Reports are sent to the Principal, Ms. Goswami’s office and Assistant Director - Education, Ms Minu’s office. Besides this, the school has a robust system in place whereby key administrators are informed of an emergency situation. So the entire team is in the loop about the happenings/actions and precautionary measures taken.

The security arrangements followed at present are
  • We have 18 security guards.
  • There are 3 guards posted at the main gate (gate no.1). One of them accompanies any visitor to the front foyer of the main building where the security Incharge at the front foyer takes over guiding them to the reception.
  • There is a security posted at the Primary block and Senior block. One on each floor - the ground, the first and the second floor.
  • One security at the rear gate and one near the swimming pool.
  • During the short break when the staff takes a tea break and are assembled in the respective dining halls of the two buildings, one teacher is on duty in each corridor - the pre primary, the first floor and the second floor corridors, in charge of the safety of the children moving up and down in the absence of their class teachers. The same pattern is followed in the senior block as well. Outdoor and Indoor activity team members will also be present on the ground and all play areas to ensure safety and security.
  • During the evening when children stay back for extra coaching, security measures have been upgraded. We had a meeting with the teachers concerned and the School Manager. As suggested by the parents, in the evening the washrooms on the different floors are locked, only one is kept open with an ayah and security stationed near it.
  • In the Pre-primary section, only lady staff is employed.
  • To ensure safety and security, we have made a special task force of Infrastructural Quality Check Team. CCTV cameras in every class and every bus from next session will be of added value in ensuring safety of the Glendalites. We have also collaborated with Rainbow Hospital for emergency medical attention.
  • Regular fire drills are conducted in the school and all our fire extinguishing equipments are in place.
  • All electrical cords and equipments are regularly inspected and are kept in good condition.

  • The school’s drinking water tanks are cleaned and tested once a month. The campus is equipped with an RO water plant.
  • A balanced vegetarian lunch is cooked by a trained chef in hygienic conditions and it is tested on a regular basis too.
  • Reports of the water and food testing are available at the school for the parents’ perusal.

Glendale’s statutory guidelines adhere to the provision of the POCSO Act, 2012, to protect children from offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography. The Act has been read by all school staff to understand child-friendly mechanisms for reporting, recording of evidence and investigation. The following link to the Model Guidelines under Section 39 of the POCSO Act, 2012 childprotection will help you understand the details of the Act. We have it clear in our code of conduct too. An individual is legally bound to report an incident where a child has been sexually abused to the police.

Child safety encompasses bullying, including cyber bullying, sexual abuse, and prohibition on drugs, smoking and other intoxicants, sexting, physical and emotional abuse. Senior children have been explained that bullying amounts to ragging which is considered illegal.

All faculty and, staff receive appropriate training in child protection. The school counselor administers this training once every quarter based on a module which is approved by the R&D team. Safety sensitization is conducted separately for all students, teachers and support staff, once every quarter. This clearly states the policy for touching and not touching. (The counselor and teachers will work hand in hand to administer knowledge about good touch and bad touch to the students including the Pre-primary.)

In the morning assembly the Principal has been talking to the children sensitizing them on their personal safety and security. Care is taken not to scare the children about a ‘bad- bad world’ waiting to pounce on them, at the same time warning them to take care and not venture out anywhere alone. Being too adventurous may prove to be dangerous at times.

We request to the parents as our ‘partners in education’, to sensitize their ward regarding their safety and security in a child friendly manner.

Police verification and background checks from previous employers of all staff, Drivers, security guards, Ayas and housekeeping is done. A record of this is kept by the school. Each of these personnel is in a distinct uniform and shall prominently display their ID cards.

All students and staff are in possession of their identity cards that are worn around their necks and displayed.

All staff has to affix their thumb on the biometrics when arriving or leaving from work.

  • CCTV cameras have been installed to cover various areas in the campus and within academic blocks, and are being monitored. TV monitors have been set up in various offices.
  • CCTV has also been installed inside the bus to ensure further security.

*The Child Helpline number - 1098 will be displayed at all visible places for the benefit of children. (Source: Brainfeed magazine, August 2014, Volume - II, Issue - 05.
‘How safe are schools for our children? ’)

Together, we can continue to create a broad and superior security network for the safety of students and staff. If any parent has any information in this regard, we welcome your suggestions. At Glendale, children come first and thank you for entrusting them to our care.