"Glendale Academy Established in 2003" IGCSE center no.IN639 CBSE/ Aff./ 130195/ 27-07-2006

This is Eashan and Abhinav's father. They have started going to one of the best schools here in Virginia, USA. They did pretty good in their entrance tests. Eashan (9th class) cleared maths taught in 10 grade here and is doing 11th grade maths now. Eashan's teachers are very surprised and impressed with his English communication skills and wanted to know which school he went to in India. Also impressed with his Biology knowledge.
Abhinav's teachers are also impressed with his overall personality and confidence. Credit goes to Glendale. Thanks much.
- Vipul Gupta

Dear School,

am happy to inform you that Mitali got selected for SCAD & has also been awarded a generous scholarship for all 4 years of her study at SCAD. This is indeed a proud moment for us as Parents & the real credit goes to Glendale & all the support received through her years of study at Glendale. 
We wish to Thank You for the support you extended to her in all ways
Thanks & Regards
-Salil Ganeriwal

Keep up the good work.

This is to the management team of Glendale. You ARE THE reason why students shine in competitions bring back home the well-deserved and recognition and pride with that we parents enjoy. - Sunil Kalra
Father of Gunjan Kalra (Student of Class VII)

I am glad that I chose the best school for my children and gave them an opportunity to learn in a fun and engaging way. The unique x-seed program along with the philosophy of the Director - Education of Glendale Academy goes a long way in the success of my children. The school campus allows students to explore nature creatively, while nurturing their mind, body and soul. - Anju Kotwani
Parent of Aryan Kotwani III-B and Juhi Kotwani- I-C

“Glendale Academy provides an environment which develops an attitude of life-long learning and excellence. It is unlocking the potential of each and every child through the academically challenging yet progressive curriculum. The teaching methodologies adopted by teachers focus on essential learning and support both the intelligence and emotional quotient of students.” - Lalit Nayyar, Assistant Manager
Father of Menitha Nayyar Grade 3

“The first thing which struck me as a parent was the architecture and beautiful landscape of the school. This sets the right tone for the physical and mental development of the student.

My daughter studying in the 8th and my son in the 4th standard blended into the Glendale community within a few days of joining the school. This speaks volumes of the efforts being put in by the staff and management of Glendale Academy.

Poonam my wife was so impressed with the school that she has taken a teaching assignment.

Last but not the least as a parent who travels 4 days in a week I am not worried much about transport because the school bus picks and drops my wife and children from my doorstep. What more can a Glendale parent ask for.” - PV Prathap Father of Pratima Grade 8
Chief Marketing Officer ( MSL Posnet )

I enrolled my Son in Glendale in 2008 - after carefully studying the 'teaching methodology', 'student -teacher relationship', 'management work culture', and the Vision of almost 9 schools in Hyderabad The support I got from the Glendale, was remarkable. From security to love and warmth, my son got it all.

At Glendale, my son has grown as an individual - in academics, sports, extra - curricular, social and emotional aspects of life. He is a much more matured, confident and groomed child. The School lives its motto - 'Love - Learn - Explore' relentlessly.

Thanking the Glendale family from the bottom of my heart and extending all my support as a Parent - a partner in education. - Anamika Khanna
Mother of Sai Mridul Grade 4

My name is Shirisha and have been associated with Glendale during the year 2009-10 when my son studied in Pre-primary. Unfortunately we had to leave the school because we got transferred to Mumbai.Its been one year since we left the school but there has not been a single day when my son Om, me and my husband do not think of Glendale and miss being a part of it.

After the Glendale experience, no school seems anywhere close. From what we experienced I can tell you that not just the teaching staff,the admininstration staff, the transport manager, and even the support staff have been groomed extremely well in Glendale. The entire team needs to feel proud to have achieved what they have.

Being an academician and educational researcher myself, I have seen many schools having a great vision and mission but I saw Glendale implementing each and every word they promised to us during admission.

I really hope we get back to the school in another year or two and I hope all the more that we manage to get admission then. Thank you again for the wonderful experience that you let my son have in your school. - Shirisha Kondury
Mother of Om Kondury

I had such an interesting day at your incredible school and it was lovely to meet some of the children and the staff.

I was really impressed by what I saw at Glendale. In terms of staff development,I was very impressed to see the research archive.The Learning Resource Centre too has a wealth of resources. - Angela Butcher
Visiting Student of Cambridge University,UK